‘Learn and Explore’ a 4D Augmented Experience with Dancow


Nestle’s Dancow, being one of the leading brand for kid’s milk, was aiming to establish an extraordinary event to promote their brand that is so unique, and memorable for everyone. With its tagline ‘Learn & Explore’, the event needed to to accommodate children’s high curiosity to learn about new things through explorations. The challenge is to make an interactive experience that is easy to use without losing its primary objective.


How can we bring the children visiting the event to be able to interact with animals from different continents, even those from the different era? Can the brand bring the experience further than bringing some animals from the farm to be part of the event? How we can ensure the product sales and awareness to increase from this event? We thought that children would be more interested and it is easier for them to learn things they experience personally. We came up with the idea of augmented reality, as the event themed animal kingdoms in particular bringing animals that they do not usually meet directly will take their interest. But not only they will see themselves as if playing side by side with the animal, we added a special 4D effect to enhance the experience, adding the personal touch in the experience. We took four animals to augmented reality 4D experience: dolphin, penguin, tiger, and dinosaur. Another challenge is to make the augmented animals look real. We use footages of real animals from National Geographic for this. In collaboration with the event organizer, they create a storytelling to connect the augmented reality with the 4D effects.


Within the dedicated area of 400 square meters, the event was conducted at one of the leading shopping centers in Jakarta, divided into five learning zones that the children can explore. A number of Augmented Reality solutions were developed combined with 4D technology to offer a more sensory experience. The 4D Augmented Reality attractions utilize 3×4 screens, with interactive capabilities to allow the children to play with the digital animals ranging from dinosaurs, tigers, or even playing with the dolphins from the boat – making the event as the largest 4D Augmented Reality implementations in Indonesia, possibly worldwide. Being sprayed with real winds, waters and many others making their purchase of Dancow as their entry ticket become so valuable – a once in a lifetime experience for the children. This event implementation and ideas have been awarded silver in the Marketing Events award Singapore for the best use of technology.