November 2014

Expanding Horizon of Young Entrepreneurs Globally

WIR Group, with one of the units AR&Co, has been invited to share knowledge on November 1st 2014 in the 9th YIO Annual Reunion on the topic of “Change through Generation” in London. YIO or the Young Investors Organization, as sponsored by Credit Suisse is the premier network of the next generation of the most influential families around the world, aiming to support the next generation in their responsibilities as investors and empower them to become competent global decision makers.

October 2014

Be Ready to Embrace The Future Technology

AR&Co, in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Canada, has conducted a roadshow entitled “Are You Ready For The Next Reality?” across five key cities within four Asian countries, they are Jakarta, Surabaya, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Taipei. The successful series of events have inspired the audiences to be ready to embrace the future and maintain their relevance towards the new generation of audiences through digital.

September 2014

Supporting The World’s First Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The global theme park industry is set to be redefined with the 2014 opening of Cartoon Network Amazone, a destination designed for the young and the young at heart alike. Offering a full day of exciting entertainment, including dynamic social and interactive features, this world-class water park will catapult guests into the dynamic world of Cartoon Network, bringing its popular series and toon stars to life like never before.

Located in Bang Saray, Thailand, a picturesque beachfront village just 20 minutes from Pattaya, 90 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport and a two hour drive from Bangkok – Cartoon Network Amazone is an immersive entertainment experience comprising 10 themed entertainment zones spanning a generous 35 rai (14 acres), each one offering an array of exhilarating water coasters and attractions. The waterpark also features captivating live and multimedia entertainment that incorporates the latest in interactive smart – screen technology – bringing fans of Cartoon Network closer to their favorite characters than ever before. AR&Co has supported its digital presence, and assisting the team during the many sessions of creative development.

Cartoon Network Amazone is a licensed agreement between Amazon Falls Co. Ltd., the development of the waterpark, and Turner International Asia Pacific, the owner and operator of Cartoon Network.

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About Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific

Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. creates and distributes award-winning brands throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond. A leader in the television and media business, it runs pay – and free – TV channels, as well as Internet – based services, including 46 channels in 13 languages in 38 countries throughout Asia Pacific. Turner’s leading brands in the region include CNN International, CNNj, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Cartoonito, Boomerang, POGO, Toonami, WarnerTV, TCM Turner Classic Movies, truTV, WB, MondoTV and TABI Channel. In addition, Turner is also the exclusive distributor of HBO, HBO Hits HD and HBO Defined HD in South Asia. Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. is a Time Warner company.

May 2014

AR&Co has been awarded and listed as i40 companies at the London Stock Exchange

The i40 (Innovation 40) has been awarded and listed to AR&Co by The New Economy, a quarterly magazine for executives in the financial field, and regularly publishes a list of 40 most innovative individuals and companies globally. Representing Indonesia, AR&Co was chosen for its innovations in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) technology which combines objects in the real world with any digital display information. It becomes one of its visions, that is, to transform lives with AR technology.

Innovating for the future, AR&Co is creating and developing AR applications combined with other technologies such as 4-D effects, and applications with facial recognition features. Since 2009, AR&Co has delivered hundreds of projects for global clients such as Disney, Caltex, Cartoon Network, and Garuda Indonesia.

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ARTX, the Asia’s first and largest Augmented Reality & Technology Experience Exhibition

The one place where Augmented Reality and Technology developers and users get together to share new experiences and solutions. Main agenda include Exhibition, Conference, as well as Competition. ARTX offers fantastic opportunity to witness new demonstrations,  speaking with the architects of the technologies and networking amongst participants in this future-oriented industry.