Top 40 Global Innovation company 2013 

AR&Co as member of WIR Group is awarded i40 as one of the Top 40 Global Innovation company 2013 amongst other big players. AR&Co is proud and honored to be chosen as the first and only innovative technology company from South East Asia. The ceremony was held at the London Stock Exchange in March 2014.

Technology Company of The Year – ASIA 2014 by The European Magazine 

This awards honours companies that were successful in the previous year and that were recognised for their acumen, values, and overall excellence. Each company is nominated by the European’s subscribers in line with different criteria depending on an industry sector. Emerging markets are fast growing economies which to a great extent are transforming global economy. The European are monitoring companies from across all industry sectors that continuously manage to thrive in this dynamically changing time.  The Emerging Markets awards were announced at The-European magazine: The World Economic Forum edition.

We are humbled and honored to be awarded as: 

  • Technology Company of The Year – ASIA 2014 by The European Magazine
  • Innovation 40 by The New Economy, London, March 2014
  • Augmented Reality Champion Category 2013 by AR Summit London
  • The Most Innovative Application by Gadget Award 2013, Jakarta
  • Best Use of Technology Category at the Marketing Events Award 2013 in Singapore
  • Asia’s Best Entertainment Channel 2012 by 3rd CMO Asia Award, Singapore
  • The Most Innovative Game by Indonesia Game Show 2012
  • Top 3 in the World 2011 & 2012 as Golden Partner by its International Partner
  • Asia’s Best Study Case 2010 by Penn Olson

Our basic (focus) is around the idea of innovation and creative technology.

We are humbled and honored to deliver: 

  • Asia’s first augmented reality product packaging. Client: Sosro – tea packaging – June 2009.
  • World’s first ‘live’ broadcasted AR on stage presentation with 20 million viewers. Client: Telkom Indonesia – new brand identity launching – Oct 2009.
  • World’s first AR On stage presentation for newspaper reading using AR glasses. Client: UMN – Kompas Gramedia Group – Dec 2009.
  • World’s first ‘live recording’ AR application. Record yourself, sing together with your favorite singer appearing from the CD cover. Client : Keci Music – Feb 2010.
  • Asia’s first markerless Newspaper. Client: Kompas – May 2010.
  • Indonesia’ first Augmented Reality Face recognition. Client: Toy Story 3 – June 2010.
  • Indonesia’s first Augmented Reality mobile application based on picture tracking. Client : Kompas – June 2010.
  • Asia’s first Facebook Augmented Reality – Client : World Cup – July 2010.
  • Asia’s first Augmented Reality T-Shirt – Client : SGM -July 2011.
  • Indonesia first Augmented Reality Flash Mob – Client : XL Axiata – August 2011.
  • Asia first Augmented Reality & Kinect technology – Client: Djarum Black – Sept 2011.
  • The most inovative Augmented Reality Game Website based in Indonesia – Client : Danone – Oct 2011.
  • AR&Co has been ranked no 1 & 2 for best Asia Augmented Reality Study Case 2011.
  • Indonesia’s first AR Virtual Concert – Client : Lee Cooper – Jan 2012.
  • Asia’s first Augmented Reality Gaming Card – Client : Kino Care – Ben10 – Jan 2012.
  • Indonesia’s first Augmented Reality Billboard – Client : XL Billboard – XjutaMawar – Feb 2012.
  • Asia’s first Neuro Science Technology – December 2011
  • Asia’s first 4D Augmented Reality Experience – Maret 2013