Augmented Reality Exhibition


The Disney – Pixar’s Toy Story brand has a long tradition and a tremendous success on the global market and is one of Disney ´s pillar brands. Introducing their latest movie installment at the time, Fun Characters International (FCI) being the leading Character Licensing firm in Southeast Asia in partnership with their licensing and retail partners, strive to offer the new Toy Story 3 merchandise by conducting special technology attraction within their exhibition.


How to add value to a toy exhibition event? Not simply selling the latest sets of merchandise, but able to attract prospect customers by giving a simple-to-enjoy attraction using technology thus enable them to bring back a fun memory from the event.


In close collaboration with AR&Co, a new Augmented Reality attraction is developed specifically for the event. The basic concept was inspired by a magic mirror where people can stand in front of this mirror and shall suddenly transform into one of the Toy Story’s character such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, etc. This new attraction helped attracting many people and has successfully helped the increase of sales, making the event as one of the highest merchandising sales achieved through an event.