Introducing the New Telkom Brand Identity using Augmented Reality


As the biggest, leading telecommunication company in Indonesia, Telkom would like to introduce their new identity in a different way to show their new vision and missions to the masses. To be widely broadcasted, a new concept that utilizes advanced technology needed to be established to really show a breakthrough solution to introduce the brand therefore having a lasting impressions.


AR&Co was chosen to develop a creative presentation of the new identity launching using augmented reality technology. The event is a real challenge as it was a ‘Live’ broadcasted on television outreaching more than 20 millions of viewers nationwide through TransTV, a premier TV station in Indonesia.


A storyboard was developed to allow Mr Rinaldi being the CEO of Telkom at the time to tell the story of the new brand identity including its new corporate vision/mission – to inspire the confidence of all its stakeholders. Working closely with Telkom management and their agency, AR&Co helped to define the flow and supervising every rehearsals of the presentation. The use of augmented reality technology has been proved successful as it has become a topic of discussions for many as it is one of the firsts of its kind in terms of implementation.