‘Be a Techron Hero’ Augmented Reality Roadshow


Caltex is the global brand that celebrates the driver and the drive, by providing life’s little refills, reliably, respectfully. This commitment to excellence is captured in their tagline “Enjoy the Journey.” Caltex wanted to introduce the patented fuel additive that designated as meeting Top Tier standards for fuel cleanliness. Chevron gasolines with Techron were some of the first gasolines to be named as a “Top Tier Detergent Gasoline”. An interactive approach is needed to develop a strong emotional attachment towards the brand while communicating the product unique offerings compared to other similar products in the marketplace.


To translate the primary objective into an activation that needs to be attractively simple, fun and able to accommodate as many people as possible to participate, while giving them the experience of ‘Enjoy the Journey’ by having the product cleaning your engine thus ensuring smooth driving pleasure. This activation shall provide a lasting memory to the visitors, as well as directing them to social media while obtaining new databases of prospect customers for the brand.


A global roadshow was prepared, and a motion sensing based Augmented Reality game was developed to enable user to transform as the superhero that cleans the engine. A fun way to introduce the product capability, it was not only explain the overall message of ‘Enjoy the Journey’, but also able to attract the young and old alike – thus enable the brand to reach out even for the non-automotive enthusiasts. Therefore, the database collected will be able to be used as analytical materials for the brand to really understand the overall demography of the customer’s profile.