The Augmented Reality Book in Spain


As one of the biggest media publishers in Spain, Saldana wants to be positioned itself as the pioneer in the industry to offer new, differentiated products, by integrating augmented reality technology into their books, therefore embracing the new generation of readers who have started using mobile devices in their daily lives..


Sets of new concepts have been developed to accommodate the different contents from the book, with the mission to complement and add value in terms of information given. By enhancing interactivities using technology, kids are able to learn and explore these encyclopedia books in different way, but at the same time need to ensure extraordinary experiences that can help them learning. The concept of edutainment (education-entertainment) needs to be properly implemented


4 applications for each of the 4 Encyclopedia books have been developed with different subjects, they are : Dinosaurs, Human Body, Animal Kingdom, Civilization. Readers can simply download the application using their devices (iOS or Android) and buy the books from the nearest store to enjoy a different way of learning. The pages with AR content will be marked with special symbol and the interaction complement each other therefore establishing a complete experience. The books have been showcased during the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.