HiLo School Drawing


To add educational and technological value onto the ‘color and complete the picture’ competition of HiLo School children’s milk brand. To increase brand awareness of HiLo in the marketplace to become a pioneer in applying technology and education in a campaign for calcium-rich milk brand.


HiLo School’s ‘color and complete the picture’ competition have been held annually since 2012 and this year, 2016, would be the 4th time HiLo presents this competition. For this year’s competition, HiLo School wanted to offer something different than the previous years’ competitions by adding technological and educational features within the competition. With this campaign, HiLo School aims to strengthen and maintain their brand’s awareness and positioning within the market.


HiLo recruited AR&Co as a partner to conduct the competition brand campaign – HiLo School Drawing 2016 – where AR&Co created an Augmented Reality mobile application that can appear 3D objects and animations according to the colors that was hand-drawn by the Users. This app has been downloaded by 1000 over Users within days of being published on Google Play. With this HiLo School Drawing app, Users can view the characters in the image that they colored to come to life and appear right in their real-life surroundings, having their colors just like how the Users have colored in by hand. Users can also keep their works of art through the photo feature found inside the app.