Hi-5 Playland


Creation of a play area with the Hi5 theme aiming to provide both a playing and a learning experience, not just for children but also for their parents alike. This play area also aimed to provide an experience where visitors can become a member of the well known musical group, Hi-5, by singing and dancing with virtual Hi5 personnel.


The Hi5 themed event in 2015 is the third event of its kind held by Gandaria City. During the two previous events, Gandaria City always brought Hi-5 personnel to be physically present in order to perform a concert and meet the fans. This year, Gandaria City wanted to showcase something different and interesting where the Hi-5 personnel are present virtually through Augmented Reality


Gandaria City constructed a Hi-5 themed play area called Hi5 Playland which consisted of 5 different areas: AINSLEY’S DISCO BOOGIE ROOM, DAYEN’S FIND JUP JUP ROOM, STEVIE’S KARAOKE JUKEBOX, TANIKA’S WORD PLAY ROOM and MARY ‘S TIARA THROWING ROOM. To provide an experience for visitors to sing and dance with Hi-5 personnel, Gandaria City took AR&Co as a technology partner for the development of a PC-based Augmented Reality application. This AR app was used in the AINSLEY’S DISCO BOOGIE ROOM and STEVIE’S KARAOKE JUKEBOX where in those two rooms, visitors are ask to sing and dance with virtual Hi-5 members, after which they will be able to see the scores they’ve achieved for their singing and dancing skills. This visitor experience then continues to a photo booth where visitors can take a virtual picture together with the Hi-5 members which will can be sent to their personal email. Other than the AR app in AINSLEY’S DISCO BOOGIE ROOM and STEVIE’S KARAOKE JUKEBOX, AR&Co also created two Hi-5 themed games: Looking for Jup Jup and Find Words. The event was held from the 18th of November 2015 until the 10th of January 2016 at the Main Atrium of Gandaria City and received up to hundreds of visitors each day.