AR 360 Degrees Property Experience App


Balvia is a three-story semi-detached home meticulously designed to showcase contemporary luxury living. This island retreat conforms to Thai architecture philosophy, modern vogue, classic prestige and tropical comfort. Having a unique concept, a unique way of presenting the unit to the prospect buyers is needed to show how far they have gone as part of their commitment to deliver the best brand experience.


To provide a clearer product knowledge and experience, The marketing team needs to have a tool that will allow them to show the unit models in different angles anytime, anywhere. Giving them the flexibility to introduce the unit without the need to visit their marketing office / show units every time.


We created a marketing tool that can be shown to the client just by using a single image and an app. The apps will showe an augmented reality experience where there will be a 3D model of the house popping up on top of their brochures or even print ad. Not only that, a new module has been developed to accommodate the need for people to enjoy the interior of the house. Responding to this matter, the user simply tap the screen on top of the 3D house model, and it will instantly bring you to go inside the house, making your device as your ‘eyes’ to see the interiors all around 360 degrees including the different floors and rooms.