AR Environment with Virtual Animal


Taman Safari Bali, the leading zoo in the island created a campaign to reach young customer, and needed a new interactive solution to allow kids to learn and love the wildlife animals anytime and anywhere during their roadshows.


Collaborating with AR&Co, the challenge is about how we can bring wild animals to the different venues, and giving the kids a taste of excitement before they are going to visit the zoo they next time they fly to Bali.


Augmented Reality Virtual Animal Environment is the answer for the challenge. Using Augmented Reality, Bali Safari can bring digital wild animals to the kids in real time, and without hassle – thanks to easy set up during the entire roadshows. The contents are developed for family edutainment purposes, creating a fun learning experience. Quality is not even compromised, as real animals have been used during content preparation to ensure high realism. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed during the process.