February 2020

BTS – #1 kpop boyband in the world Augmented Reality Photo Booth


To create an experience that is fascinating and different for Toppers (Toppers User), Tokopedia challenged AR&Co. to create an exceptional experience with BTS using augmented reality technology. No doubt, AR&Co. delivered it perfectly. AR&Co. created an AR Photobooth with an 86″inch screen that is able to present BTS in virtual version in real surroundings.

Pose in front of the booth, then BTS will automatically come and say hi to you and start posing to take photo with you.  The photo result is so real, you won’t tell the difference! “OMG i thought i really took a picture with BTS member” said Irma, one of the visitor

Tokopedia challenged AR&Co to create something magnificent, and it is surely accomplished!!

Photo source: Tokopedia