June 2020


Tini Wini Biti is one of the biscuit snack brands from Konimex which is well known in Indonesia. In 2020, Tini Wini Biti once again trusted AR&Co to make an Augmented Reality applications for their customers. Therefore AR&Co create a new fun and exciting application called Magic Face Duo, which has not only an augmented reality feature, but also an exciting interactive game that allow kids to increase their intelligence, speed of thinking and creativity and the plus point is that this game can be played by two people, so kids can experience and play it with their parents, friends or relatives.

Download the Magic Face Duo application in the Play Store, play the game and collect all the NEW Magic Coins that can be found in every Tini Wini Biti special pack that available on the nearest store or supermarket.

Download link:

May 2020


In supporting government’s appeal during the Covid-19 pandemic for #DiRumahAja, Persija Jakarta with AR&Co launched Persija AR Application. The launch of the application was marked by signing the cooperation agreement between Persija Jakarta & AR&Co.

The apps allowed Persija fans to get closer & take picture with their favorite Perija Player such as Marko Simic, Evan Dimas, & Andritany Ardhiyasa in their home area.

Persija AR can be downloaded at Google Play :  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arnco.PERSIJAAR&hl=en

March 2020


To increase awareness about COVID-19, SociaBuzz is inviting Indonesian influencer, creator & talent to join hand in hand to raise a donation for Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI). All donations received will be fully distributed to provide assistance in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of hazmat suits, masks, goggles, face shields, surgical caps, shoe covers, hand sanitizers, disinfectant devices and other initiatives that are expected to be able to help efforts to deal with the epidemic that is happening right now said PBIDI Chairperson, Dr. Daeng M. Faqih, SH, MH. We can also create a greater impact by sharing this information with as many people as possible simply by post your photo in the link provided by AR&Co.

below: https://sociabuzz.com/share/idi/index.php and click here for donation: https://sociabuzz.com/idi/tribe

Thank you for the support & let’s fight Covid-19 together!

March 2020


The leading brand Softex that supplies sanitary napkins has teamed up with AR&Co in creating an application that is fun and useful to play with for their #SIRIHOusly campaign that will occur in many supermarkets and events.

#SIRIHously campaign brings a concept of ugly sister that turns into pretty sister once she used their softex daun sirih product.

Our AR team developed this into a few types of games, first is a photo booth where visitors are able to take pictures with either 3D pretty or ugly sister. Other than that, visitors are allowed to play the game called “find sister” which means they will enter into 360 camera view and start moving their phone to find ugly sister with some questions about softex, once they get their question right, the ugly sister will magically turn into a pretty sister.

Lastly, we allow visitors to scan any of softex product and then it will show a video #SIRIHously campaign as the closing of each game.

February 2020

BTS – #1 kpop boyband in the world Augmented Reality Photo Booth


To create an experience that is fascinating and different for Toppers (Toppers User), Tokopedia challenged AR&Co. to create an exceptional experience with BTS using augmented reality technology. No doubt, AR&Co. delivered it perfectly. AR&Co. created an AR Photobooth with an 86″inch screen that is able to present BTS in virtual version in real surroundings.

Pose in front of the booth, then BTS will automatically come and say hi to you and start posing to take photo with you.  The photo result is so real, you won’t tell the difference! “OMG i thought i really took a picture with BTS member” said Irma, one of the visitor

Tokopedia challenged AR&Co to create something magnificent, and it is surely accomplished!!

Photo source: Tokopedia