November 2016

​Voice of America broadcasts AR&Co to be a Big Player and Game Changer in the AR World


AR Group recently welcomed to meet with the crew of The Voice of America at both our HQ in Indonesia as well as the AR Group office in Silicon Valley. The Voice of America (VOA) is a dynamic international multimedia broadcaster with service in more than 40 languages, providing news to now a weekly global audience of 187.7 million since it started in 1942. After conversations with the AR Group team during interviews as well as experiencing first-hand some of the AR projects that have been developed, VOA acknowledges that AR technology can be utilized for numerous functions in diverse range of industries such as for gaming, promoting brands, learning, interactions even as far as for Presidential campaigns.

Backed by projections from Digi-Capital that Asia will lead the AR market in year 2020, VOA gives the statement that Indonesian-based AR&Co is set to be a big player and ready to be a game changer in the AR World. Not only that, VOA also mentions Digi-Capital’s projection that the AR industry will be worth 90 billion dollars in 2020, four times more than the projected value of Virtual Reality.